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Friday, December 21, 2012

Face to Face -- Reactionary


After Face to Face released Ignorance is Bliss, not only the best album of their career, but one of the best rock albums of all time, they were rewarded with a vitriolic fan-base who now hated them. Apparently going from a very good punk band to a great rock band was not acceptable. Face to Face responded to the backlash by banning all Ignorance is Bliss songs from their live playlists and quickly acting like the album never happened. The band promptly released Reactionary less than a year later, a fast-paced punk album showing little musical trace of their previous masterpiece. Of course, if one is paying attention, it is clear that Face to Face not only remember that Ignorance is Bliss happened, but also that they are angry about their fans' responses and their own musical kowtowing to those reactions. It's in the album title, it's in the song titles, and it's in the lyrics, particularly in Reactionary's standout, "Disappointed."

Unfortunately, it's also in the music. This just doesn't sound like the album the band want to be making. As a result, Reactionary is nearly identical in feeling to the band's self-titled album. It's a fun, but by the numbers punk album, breaking no new ground, by a band who at times seem to be going through the motions.
And speaking of the opposite of that:
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS! I'll be back a few days after Christmas with a quick yearly wrap-up post, and then on the 31st, my annual yearly music list. Hooray, I know you can't wait! I'm not sure "speaking of the opposite of that" worked, I just couldn't think of a better transition. Sorry.

2000 Vagrant
1. Disappointed 2:48
2. Out of Focus 3:32
3. What's in a Name 3:05
4. You Could've Had Everything 2:15
5. Hollow 3:23
6. Think for Yourself 2:43
7. Just Like You Said 3:06
8. Solitaire 3:05
9. Best Defense 3:47
10. Icons 3:18
11. Shame on Me 3:13
12. Estranged 2:52

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