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Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite Scenes From Movies I'll Never Watch Again

There are some movies you watch once and know you are never, ever going to watch them again. The most common reason is because the given movie sucked. Why would you want to watch something terrible twice? Then there are boring, vanilla movies that aren't awful, but give you no reason to ever even want to think about them again.
There are two other kinds of movies I'll put in this category. The first is the great film that is just too difficult to watch twice. After the post I wrote about Once, which I would easily watch again, I started thinking about Mysterious Skin. Mysterious Skin is one of the greatest, most moving films I've ever seen. I will never, ever watch Mysterious Skin again. Sexual abuse is key to the film's plot, and as much as I appreciate what the film says about human resilience and the way we deal with pain, I don't want to ever relive some of the things I saw and heard in that film. With that said, I could watch the final  minute on loop for hours. It's one of the most incredibly honest, heart-wrenchingly beautiful things I've ever seen, and it somehow makes me feel more human.

It also helps that Mysterious Skin got a musical license from Sigur Rós, when such a thing was rare.
The second type of film I want to talk about is the decent film with one standout scene. Black Snake Moan immediately comes to mind. Black Snake Moan is a bit ridiculous, but its themes of morality and preserving oneself from darkness are pretty resonant. Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci play two severely damaged people, and this scene where they huddle together from the darkness is literally electrifying. It's worth at least one viewing of the film, though after that, I can now just watch this scene a million times on Youtube.

Actually, I feel like I just posted the same scene twice. Oh well, good night.


Neal said...

I think I'd probably put Seven Pounds (Will Smith movie from a few years ago) on my list of good movies I don't want to see again.

There are some more obvious things that make it a hard, emotional movie to watch, but one thing is that it's just hard to see Will Smith in pain. That boy is supposed to be smiling! Or we're pretty used to it, anyway.

And sure, we can see him shaking off a hit just fine (like in MIB), but physical pain is much different than emotional trauma, and his character is in a lot of emotional pain in that movie.

Oddly enough, there are some scenes characters go through in my stories that I'm not sure I'd want to watch in a movie. Not sure if that's weird or not...

Nicholas said...

I feel like Will Smith should be doing this on a 24-hour loop: