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Friday, September 13, 2013

Isis -- Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations

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Now here is an interesting re-mix album. Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations' contributors take just about any conceivable remix approach. Some take the ambient angle, which works pretty much any time it is employed. Others go for more complete restructurings. Some just get weird, bringing parts of the songs that were buried under the surface to the forefront. This album's greatest asset is that it manages, for the most part, to further the spirit of the work that spawned it, even when it sounds little like Oceanic. I should say, though, I don't see how anyone who doesn't have Oceanic for a point of reference could get much enjoyment from this. In that case, this would be like a really well-illustrated teacher's manual. Not much help for students who haven't read the textbook. For fans of Oceanic, though, Remixes & Reinterpretations is a worthy mind-bender, even if there are a couple MUST SKIP tracks *cough "Carry:Like I Will Love Her Forever?" cough*.

2004 Hyrdra Head Records

Disc One
1. Weight (Fennesz) 6:34
2. False Light (Carry Edit) Ayal Naor, featuring Maria Christopher 7:53
3. Hym (Thomas K├Âner) 6:19
4. The Other (James Plotkin) 9:49
5. Carry (First Version) (Tim Hecker) 4:26
6. Maritime (Teledubgnosis) 9:24
7. Maritime (Mike Patton) 3:43

Disc Two
1. The Beginning and the End (Venetian Snares) 5:05
2. Carry (Second Version) (Tim Hecker) 5:21
3. False Light (Deadverse) (Oktopus) 5:30
4. Carry: Like I Will Love Her Forever? (Fuckin Die!!!) (Speedranch, featuring Guilty Connector) 5:51
5. From: Sinking, To: Drowning (Destructo Swarmbots) 7:14
6. Hym (Justin Broadrick) 14:54

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