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Friday, September 27, 2013

So Much For I

 photo Arctic09_zps8898ed5b.jpg
Well, that's it for "I." Ever heard of synaesthesia? Words that start with "I" seem small and mean to me for some reason. I'm not saying I have synaethesia, just that words that start with "I" make me feel funny for some reason. They seem foreboding and nasty and cold. That's weird. "J" starting words seem really inconsequential and minor to me. That's not fair, because a lot of artists I really respect start with "J." So does "jackanape," though. Do you really want your band to start with the same letter as "jackanape?" Also, "junk" starts with "j." You know, like, "That Jackanape just kicked you in the junk!"
Man, these upcoming albums I'm reviewing have everything going against them!


Anonymous said...


This seems like the mathematical sibling of what you've just described for letters i and j:

Life is crazy times.


Nicholas said...

Whoa, cool stuff. I watched the first five minutes before class. Definitely going to watch the rest.
Every time I think it can't get crazier, it does.