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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cold as a Goddamn Stone

In which the stone is every part of me I hate that I wish would be banished forever. Yeah, I'm in a dark place right now. I've been through some dark things in the past. I had some really dark thoughts early last year. Right now, I have essentially become those dark thoughts, which is about the worst possible outcome. My wife says I should get on Facebook so I can at least feel connected to the rest of the world. Well, I am never going to do that, but I do know that the times I haven't blogged in the last five years have been the darkest times in those years, so I guess I will blog. I should probably answer all those unanswered messages in my inbox, and return all those missed calls, and leave the house, too. Maybe I can use my black dog to win World War II or something.
But blogging:
Coming up is a series of reviews on the work of one of the most influential artists on my life when I'm not a simmering mass of awful. Stay tuned.


Neal said...

Our door... well, our email and phones are always open if you ever need to talk. If we had the cash to spend on a trip down south, we would. You could always come up here... we're supposed to have a high in the 50s... maybe 60s tomorrow! Wow, warm! ;)

But yeah... whenever you need to talk, feel free. :D

Neal said...

And woah, used a lot of smilies there. Way over my quota.



Stephanie said...

You and Fox should come be goofy with Charlie. Maybe yall could teach him to talk like Fats..?

Nicholas said...

Neal: Maybe we could meet in the middle! St Louis is exactly a ten hour drive from both our locations!
Stephanie: Fats was the only person who could talk me out of these situations. We do need to play Donkey Kong, though.