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Friday, May 08, 2015

Final Exams Are Done!

I'm done with finals! Now, I can get back to having friends! Woohoo! First, though, I'm gonna lie low for a bit...lay low...can anybody sort out those two words?
But even before that, here is my Finals Week in Music.

Started off staying up late, listening to slow jams. Y'all know I love slow jams.
Of course, after the first few nights of little sleep and high stress, my ability to slow jam wore thin. I had to go with something nostalgic, yet admittedly over-emotional and melodramatic.

Finally got a good night's rest, and I knocked out all but one final. Everything had been going well (this entire semester has gone incredibly well, actually!). I decided on my drive to this morning's final, I'd listen to some old-school hip-hop to pump myself up.
Plus, I feel like I generally have to name-drop "Father Time" at least once a year because it features the best beat of all time.
Anyway, I just took my last final, and it went exceptionally well. As I walked to the Business Complex to hammer out this "Final Exams Are Done!" post, I suddenly had a beautiful song of completion in my head.

Which is ironic, considering what I said about this very song on the first day of the semester!
Sorry, Anthony. I understand its power now.

Songs featured in this post:
"Bet" by Tinashe, featuring Devonté Hines
"Chrono Trigger: Schala (Trance Remix)" by Unknown, but if you know the author, let me know!
"Father Time" by Saukrates
"Midnight Souls Still Remain" by M83


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing the music.

I'm proud of you for persevering through another semester!



Nicholas said...

Thanks, man!
I'm going to read your story Monday. Can't wait!